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From the small workshop to the manufacture

VIth  century : birth of Tournerie in the Jura attributed to the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of Saint-Claude with the manufacture of religious articles, including rosaries for pilgrims (made from boxwood).

XIVth century : the peasants of the region engage in a sideline activity by taking this expertise turner an unholy production. The beads, pearls and paternosters are replaced by the whistles, trumpets, rattles, spinning tops, bowling, in short by cheap toys.

From 1850 : Moirans and neighboring villages specialize in the manufacture of the “bibi” small cylindrical whistle in boxwood turned the end of which one can place an inflatable balloon deflating hiss in. From 1865 Moirans, a global provider of bibi carries the nickname “Bibiville” and has become the capital of Tournerie and Toys in the Upper Jura.

1953 : Creation of the company Foulon Frères by 3 brothers in a small workshop of 20m² which was possessedby their father.

1968 : the company become Foulon Frères Sarl.

Years 60 to 80 : Specialization in the kitchenware such as egg cups, napkin rings, salt shakers, pepper shakers, corkscrews, nutcrackers wooden screws. Over 30 million screw nutcrackers are manufactured and distributed in the European market.

1990 : diversification in the wooden toy.

2015 : Foulon Frères becomes Foulon and invest in new collections to develop the brand worldwide.